You may remember South Africa from the news a while back. But we're not just a bunch of people who used to be run by fascists - we also make comics.

Semiotic Cohesion South African Comics and ArtOur secret agenda is to publish the 40-page Semiotic Cohesion anthology comic until the end of time, so that even in the twilight years of the Universe, you, the delicious consumer, will be able to swallow and absorb the work of the best artists and writers that dwell here at the bottom of the world. It will take your mind off troubling political issues and the absolute certainty of entropy.

Semiotic Cohesion South African Comics and ArtOur comics are not very American and they are not very Japanese. Most of our artists come from a fine art background and our writers don't know what is happening to the Green Arrow this month. We're all pretty keen on doing slightly unusual things with the medium without disappearing up our own lonely colons.

Semiotic Cohesion South African Comics and Art

Here at our lovingly crafted website, you can be bombarded by our current output of blogs and webcomics, taking care to load up on good, honest Semiotic Cohesion products and apparel from time to time. These products will never let you down and will never pretend to love you when they don't mean it.

Semiotic Cohesion South African Comics and ArtBe an achiever and decode the site's arcane navigation system. If you're in the mood for an evenings chat by the fireside, input the following phrase into your electronic mailmatron: terome {at} semioticcohesion {dot com}

You will have a good time here. It is warm.

Sincerely, Tom McNally